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When The Music Stopped thumbnail
When The Music Stopped eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

London, 1912. Identical twins Lester and Lillia Holdsworth are destined for the stage. Lester is a b..

A Child In Burracombe thumbnail
A Child In Burracombe eAudiobook
Lilian Harry / Anne Dover

Devon, 1943. In the village of Burracombe, "Dig for Victory" is more than just a wartime slogan. Whi..

Chasing Rainbows thumbnail
Chasing Rainbows eAudiobook
Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

Is love just an illusion? To the outside, Clare has everything: a beautiful home, a devoted husband ..

District Nurse On Call thumbnail
District Nurse On Call eAudiobook
Donna Douglas / Penelope Freeman

West Yorkshire, 1926. After completing her training in Steeple Street, Agnes is looking forward to m..

The Doorstep Child thumbnail
The Doorstep Child eAudiobook
Annie Murray / Annie Adlington

Evie spent her early years left outside on the step. With a drunk for a father and a neglectful moth..

Bella Of Bow Street thumbnail
Bella Of Bow Street eAudiobook
Carol Rivers / Annie Aldington

1941, the Isle of Dogs. Neglected by their drunken mother, young Bella Doyle and her brother Terry ..

The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow thumbnail
The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow eAudiobook
Maureen Reynolds / Cathleen McCarron

As war rages across Europe, in Dundee the Neill family continues to face challenges and hardships. R..

A Wartime Marriage thumbnail
A Wartime Marriage eAudiobook
Mary Jane Staples / Terry Wale

It is 1918; the Kaiser's empire is about to fall, and Captain Harry Phillips, a prisoner of war in a..

The Path To The Lake thumbnail
The Path To The Lake eAudiobook
Susan Sallis / Anne Dover

Viv's marriage to David was not a conventional one, but when he died - in an accident for which she ..

A House By The Sea thumbnail
A House By The Sea eAudiobook
Elvi Rhodes / Anne Dover

Ever since the death of her beloved husband Peter, Caroline's life in Bath has not been the same. Fr..

Tenement Girl thumbnail
Tenement Girl eAudiobook
Anne Douglas / Lesley Mackie

1935: As the Depression bites, beautiful Lindy Gillan dreams of getting away from her boring life in..

Honey Brown Is Married thumbnail
Honey Brown Is Married eAudiobook
Sara Judge / Julia Barrie

It is March 1950 and Honey Brown marries the farmer she adores - August Blake Esq. With her mother-i..

Another Home, Another Love thumbnail
Another Home, Another Love eAudiobook
Gwen Kirkwood / Lesley Mackie

Rosemary Palmer-Farr loves farming and animals and has spent much of her childhood at Bengairney Far..

The Far Horizon thumbnail
The Far Horizon eAudiobook
Anne Forsyth / Lesley Mackie

Orphaned Eliza Dunlop has been working as a companion to a rich but cantankerous old lady, Miss Greg..

Annie thumbnail
Annie eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

Annie Swinburn had killed a man - the killing was well-deserved, for Francis Morton had been evil in..